A New Adventure

Our family is launching out on a brand new adventure. On Sunday, May 24, 2015, I received a call from Providence, a new church start in Las Vegas, NV, to be their pastor. This two-year-old church plant is ready to have their first, full-time pastor, and my family and I are excited to join these sweet people in a new season of ministry.

I have loved serving the people of First Baptist Church in Columbia, IL, and will miss my dear friends from the St. Louis area. I truly believe that God brought my family and me to Columbia for some clear purposes, and those purposes have been fulfilled. I have loved working with small group leaders, sharing life with church members, teaching children and writing children’s curriculum, counseling, working with students at Super Summer, working with the Metro East Baptist Association, working with the Illinois Baptist State Association, and leading in worship. I have especially loved being a part of helping Redeemer, our church plant in Waterloo, get off the ground. I will greatly miss ministry partners like Lonnie and Matt Trembly, Jenny Auld, Shayne Robinson, all who have helped in the worship ministry, and so many other friends.

Now, I am looking forward to a new kind of ministry, one which I believe fits the way that God has shaped me for his service. While I bring nothing good to the table that God has not given me, I am thrilled to be in a place where I will regularly be putting the gifts that God has given me to work. I look forward to regularly preaching God’s word, verse-by-verse, to his people. I look forward to helping others to grow in their ministry service. I will help where I can in the church’s musical worship ministry, in counseling, and in developing ministry vision. I truly long for the opportunity to come alongside other believers in a team-based approach to ministry as an elder at Providence.

I would ask that you please be in prayer for our family as we make this transition. Pray the following:

  • That God will sustain and bless Mitzi and the kids through this process.
  • That our house in Columbia will sell quickly and for a good price.
  • That our transition will go smoothly.
  • That we will find a home in Nevada that we can afford and move into quickly.
  • That our ministry will begin well for the glory of God.
  • That God will grow Providence in love for him, in knowledge of his word, and in numbers through the spread of the gospel.
  • That God will bless FBC Columbia as this church moves forward.

Our final Sunday at FBC will be June 21, and we, by God’s grace, plan to be in Las Vegas by the beginning of July. We need lots of prayers and lots of help to make this happen, but we know that God has always provided for us in times of need. To him be the glory for all that happens in our lives, now and forever.


2 thoughts on “A New Adventure

  1. Travis, will you be recording your sermons? I am an avid follower of your teaching and would love to continue learning from you! Thanks for your patience in teaching us, Providence surely will understand quickly the gifted teacher God has sent to them. We will miss you terribly. God bless you, brother.


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