A Pre-Move Update

I write this update on June 18, just 10 days before we are planning to move. Our family has been blessed and blessed again by the kindness and love shown to us by our church family at FBC Columbia and Redeemer Church in Waterloo.

Since our last update, Mitzi has traveled to Las Vegas to begin the process of getting things ready for arrival. In a short trip, she was able to find an apartment for our family to live in for the first few months of our stay. She also found storage for our things and began the paperwork process for our Nevada health insurance. While in Nevada, Mitzi was well taken care of by sweet people from Providence, our new church home. The Rae family kept her, and Danielle took Mitzi all over Las Vegas to find a place for us to live.

While Mitzi was gone, friendly people from the Columbia area helped me watch the children and make sure they were fed. Since her safe return, friends have helped us to clean up our house and get it ready to show, brought us food, given us boxes, helped us pack, helped with home repairs and big maintenance jobs, given us cash, offered to help us transport our things to Nevada (a huge blessing), and a thousand other things.

On June 14, I preached my last sermon at FBC Columbia. It was a joy to open God’s word with this sweet church one last time. This Sunday also included the celebration of Lord’s Supper, and that made the service that much more special.

June 21 will be our last Sunday at FBC Columbia. I will serve as our worship leader there one last time. I’m looking forward to being together with our dear friends this last Sunday.

As we press forward toward our move, we still need your prayers. Our most immediate prayer request is that God would bring us a buyer for our home. It is very important that our home sell as soon as we can sell it in order for us to be able to find a more permanent living situation in Nevada.

Other Prayer needs include:

· Pray for Mitzi as she cleans, packs, and does the work of more than one person.

· Pray for the kids as we look toward this transition.

· Pray for PRC as this sweet church gets ready for our arrival.

· Pray for me as I prepare to shift mental gears and to serve in a different kind of ministry than I do at present.

· Pray for our travel.

· Pray for everyone’s health as we make this journey.

· Pray that God show his glory in all that we do here.

· Pray for FBC Columbia as they too work through transition.


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