House Hunting in Las Vegas

It is a great blessing to know that our friends and family are praying for us from all around the world. Thank you to all of you for taking a moment to read this and to lift up our family before the throne of grace.

To catch you up briefly on how things are going here in Vegas, I will begin by saying that God has certainly blessed us. Our little church family is very sweet, and has shown us much kindness. They are eager to hear God’s word and to honor him in the life of our congregation. I am enjoying the process of preaching God’s word and getting to know our folks.

We are getting used to living in our present apartment home. I have actually had a few very nice conversations with others who live here that have pointed in a spiritual direction. Obviously, we need much more time and opportunity to see these conversations and friendships grow into something of Kingdom value, but we are excited to see how quickly God is bringing people across our path.

The sale of our Columbia home continues to proceed. We have a signed contract on our home, and the sale is set to close on or before August 20. I’m especially grateful to Ron Stanley, Lonnie Trembly, and Rob Mardirosian for all their help in making this process possible.

We are in process of hunting for a new place to call home here. This is new territory for us since the last home we bought was our first which the Lord basically dropped on our lap.  We did no house hunting in Columbia.  In fact, we weren’t expecting to buy but God made a way.  So to be looking for a home here is just another testimony of God’s goodness to us.

We have a great realtor who has been helping us to look at different houses in different locations.  There are many differences in homes in the Midwest verses homes in the West, especially in the desert.  One big difference is the backyard.  They don’t have much of one basically, which means low maintenance and possibly no lawn to mow!  That is a bonus for our family.

One of the things we have been looking for is being able to be located where we can be easily accessible by church family.  We have come to see that is not as easy as we had hoped.  The Las Vegas area is large and spread out.  Many of the people who attend the church travel 30 to 40 minutes on average to get to services.  This is new for us since most of the churches we have served always revolved around people who lived close by.  This is not the case here.  People here are used to traveling 30 minutes or so for most things.  Thankfully our little family can adapt by God’s grace!

After having looked at several places, we believe that we may have found a house to fit our family and ministry. We are in talks with realtors at present, and will be sure to update you all as things progress.

Please pray:

  • that our Columbia home sale will wrap up without a hitch.
  • that we will be led by God as we select a home to try to purchase here in Vegas.
  • that we will continue to get to know and grow to love our church.
  • that God will protect us, provide for us, and place us exactly where he wants us.
  • that the conversations that I have been having with people in our apartment complex will lead to deeper gospel conversations.
  • that God will bring new folks to Providence Reformed Church and grow us for his glory.
  • that Providence Reformed Church will love God and each other deeply and honor the Lord in all we do.

2 thoughts on “House Hunting in Las Vegas

  1. I am so thrilled for you all and know you are seeking Godly wisdom and He is directing you in every way…will pray on each of the issues you listed…just know your cousin loves you! Jana Dee


  2. It’s good to hear you guys are looking for a new home for your family. Also great that you are able to share God’s love with those around you. We miss you and I especially miss Mitzi. Will continue to hold you all up in my prayers.
    Love and God’s Blessings,


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