Prayer Requests, Updates, and House News

Dear friends and prayer supporters,

It has been too long, and so I want to take this opportunity to fill you in on life and ministry with the Peterson family. As always, we’re grateful to God for you and for your continuing love and support.

Columbia House Update

As of August 20, the sale of our home at 620 W. Bottom Ave in Columbia closed. We now no longer own a house in Illinois.

One neat story from that came to my wife via a sweet phone call. Mitzi learned that the new owner of our old house loves it and does not want to change a thing. This warmed Mitzi’s heart, as she worked hard to make our little house a welcoming home.

Our thanks also go out to all of our dear friends who helped us in so many ways to make that home special. Many hours and monetary gifts were given by friends who helped us paint walls and cabinets, decorate, fix problems, remodel the bathroom, change the outer look of the home, clean gutters, and on and on. We could not have made it without the kind support of so many, and we are grateful to God for you all.

Las Vegas Home Update

When we moved here to Las Vegas, we initially took a 3 month lease in an apartment complex in Henderson, just southeast of the city. Our kids have loved the pool. This little, two-bedroom apartment has been a tight squeeze, but it has helped us to get settled in and to start in ministry while waiting for our house to sell in Illinois.

Well, now that the home in Illinois has sold, we are in the process of buying a house in northwest Las Vegas. The house, which will have a Las Vegas address, is actually in a community called Providence–which is, as you may recall, the name of the church we are serving. We are praying that all things will come together to allow us to finish the purchase of this home. If all goes well, we will be moving out of our apartment and into a wonderful home in September.

Providence Reformed Church

We have really started to get used to life and ministry as part of Providence Reformed Church Las Vegas. Our little church family is very sweet and wonderfully eager to hear and follow God’s word.

Over the second weekend of August, several families in our church took part in a family camping trip. We traveled to Duck Creek Village, Utah, a beautiful, mountaintop campground. The family loved the views, the cool air, and the fun time singing praises around the campfire (and smores).

On August 23, we began two new things at Providence Reformed Church. In our Sunday School, we began studying Chris Brauns’ book, Unpacking Forgiveness. In our worship services, we began a preaching series through the letter of Paul to the Colossians. Soon, we will also begin sermon-based small groups that meet in homes and promote fellowship and application of the Bible messages from the sermons.

You can always visit to hear sermons and the Unpacking Forgiveness classes from our church.

Too Much To Tell

I wish I had time to share with you all of the other fun things we have done as we are getting to know our new city. Las Vegas is an amazing place. We have eaten some great foods, seen some fascinating entertainment (Kabuki theatre on a little lake with fountain backgrounds), and enjoyed the amazing desert landscape. We have survived more than a week straight of high temperatures around 108 including a day when the kids and I went swimming while it was 110. I have had multiple conversations with people about their life stories and have been able to invite folks to join us at our church. We have gotten to spend time with church members and have started to build relationships. Our kids have started their home school year. And we are all looking forward to a visit from my mom and a trip to a conference in California in October.

Prayer Requests

Please pray…

· that God will help us to love him well;

· that he will provide for our needs as we work through the purchase of our new home;

· that he will protect us as we make decisions;

· that he will grow our church spiritually and by bringing new folks into our body;

· that we will all learn the city more and more as we make this place our home;

· giving thanks for the sale of our Columbia home;

· giving thanks that we have found a new home;

· giving thanks for all who have helped us to move here and settle in;

· that God will bless our family and the friends we left back in the Midwest;

· that God will give us the joy of seeing his name glorified in Las Vegas.

May God bless you all,

Travis (on behalf of Mitzi and the kids)

Again, thank you to you all for your love and support.


One thought on “Prayer Requests, Updates, and House News

  1. So glad to hear of God’s blessings upon your sweet family. Thank you for the years of dedicated service to FBC Columbia. We miss you, yet are so grateful to God for His providential care on your behalf. Hugs from Columbia, Diane


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