A New Home and a New Beginning

Dear prayer supporters,

It seems like it has been a total whirlwind since the last time we were able to write an update for you on the life and ministry of the Peterson family. Here is what has been going on and how to pray for us.

House News

We are now home owners in Las Vegas. On September 11, we closed on our new home. We are happy to be moving to a house that is near a majority of our fellow church members. We are also thrilled that our new home will provide us with room for ministry as well as a nice guest room.

Since the day we closed, Mitzi has been working hard to get the house ready for our family. Thankfully, our new home is only 3 years old, and thus it is not in need of any sort of major repairs. But, as you probably could guess, Mitzi is going to work to make it look good. She did a wonderful job of making our little house in Columbia a beautiful and welcoming home, and she is doing her best to accomplish the same thing here. I’m sure you can expect pictures soon.

Our plan is to move out of our apartment and into our new home on September 26. That will be a busy day, but it will lead to a season where we can settle down, get to know our neighbors, and finally begin a season of "normal" ministry in Las Vegas. We are looking forward to hosting Bible studies and to having church friends over for dinner and fellowship.

Providence Reformed Church

Life at Providence Reformed Church has been simply wonderful. I am thrilled to be opening God’s word with his people every week. Our folks love to study God’s word, to be encouraged by the gospel, and to be challenged to honor Christ in all aspects of life. I believe that preparation and preaching has started to feel normal for me once again, and that is a great joy. Our church has been working through a series in the book of Colossians, and if you would like to listen in, you can do so at our web site: www.provref.org.

We are also happy to say that God is answering prayers for growth at PRC. Over the past month or so, we have had three new families come to visit. We really have not done anything to draw these folks in. God has simply moved in people’s hearts to check out our church, and they have seemed to enjoy the experience. Of course, we are continuing to pray that God will grow our church both spiritually and by bringing new people to join us in worship and disciple-making.

House Guests

This weekend, we are happy to be hosting our friends the Kountz family. Many of you will know the Kountzes from FBC Columbia and as part of the core group at Redeemer Church in Waterloo. They are traveling west to connect with churches who are joining with them on mission as they get ready to move to Ecuador for the purpose of training pastors and spreading the gospel. Click here to go to the Kountz Family on Mission in Ecuador Facebook page.

We are also happy to be expecting to see family members who are coming to visit us in October. Mitzi’s sister and my mother are both planning Vegas trips as fall comes to the desert. Of course, for us, October temperatures average between 54 and 82 degrees, so it may not be as crisp as we are used to, but this does not rule out pumpkin-spice everything.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for us:

· Asking that God will make our move safe and easy.

· Asking that God will continue to grow our church by adding new people to our congregation.

· Asking that God will grow our church spiritually, helping us to love him and his word with all our hearts and to abide in Christ.

· Asking that, once we move, we will be able to form relationships with our new neighbors that will develop into Christ-honoring friendships and gospel communication.

· Thanking God for giving us a place to live and a wonderful church to serve.

We are grateful to God for you all. Please keep in touch with us and let us know how we can pray for and serve you from here.


Travis (on behalf of Mitzi and the kids)


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