Peterson Family October Update

Dear friends and prayer supporters,

Fall seems to have fallen here in the desert. Temperatures are topping out in the 70s and 80s this week instead of the 90s and triple-digits. People are eating and drinking pumpkin-flavored everything. And our family is really beginning to feel settled into our new home.

Home Front

If you are behind on news from us, here is the timeline. We arrived in Las Vegas on July 1 and moved into an apartment located in Henderson. After much house-hunting, we purchased a home on the northwest side of the city, in a development called Providence—fascinating since our church is also called Providence. We moved into our home officially on September 26, and we’ve been working hard to unpack, paint, and make things feel like home.

If you are curious about where we live in relation to the city, we are about 30 minutes from the city center. If you look out our windows at night, you can see the lights of the Vegas strip to our southeast. In the day, you can see mountains to our north. We are set up in a lovely, gated community and are looking forward to getting to know all of our neighbors.

As far as the family goes, we are all doing well. Mitzi is tired, as you might imagine. She has worked very hard to paint walls and even cabinets in order to make the house look as lovely and welcoming as possible. If you got to visit our home in Columbia, you will know that she does a great job of making our home beautiful and welcoming. I certainly could not ask for a better helper.

The kids are growing and settling in well. They have kept up with their homeschooling work, and have gotten into a normal routine. I think they are all happy that they have more space to spread out and do their work.

We were glad to have Mitzi’s sister, Corban, come to visit us in early October. She had a conference to attend on the strip, and so she was able to stay with us over that time. Our kids were really glad to see their aunt, and they enjoyed going to Caesar’s Palace to pick her up (they particularly liked riding the spiral escalator in the Forum Shops).

On Saturday, October 17, my mom flew to Vegas to spend some time with us. Of course everybody was excited to have her with us to see our new home and meet our new church. We have shown her around the city, and even taken her on a little excursion. I had a conference to attend in southern California, just north of Los Angeles. We all had a great time meeting new folks, staying in a wonderful home, swimming at Ventura Beach, and visiting Hollywood.

Church News

Life at Providence Reformed Church continues to be wonderful. I am so happy opening God’s word with people who deeply love to worship and follow their Lord. Our Colossians series has continued, and we finished chapter 2 last Sunday, October 18.

One of the beauties of working here is that our church has a plurality of elders. This is a biblical model of church leadership in which multiple men work together to shepherd the congregation. While I am the only paid pastor, and thus I do the majority of the preaching, I also work together with godly men who pray with me, help me to think through the life and needs of the church, and who even share the pulpit with me. About once every month, one of the other elders will preach on Sunday morning, allowing me the joy of hearing God’s word, learning from another, and taking more time to care for people in the body.

The church has been hit with some very sad news in the past month. Many of you may have joined us in praying for a couple in our church who had a little baby born extremely prematurely. The wife had been carrying twins, one of whom they lost before the other was born. Sadly, after 100 days of fighting for her life in the hospital, the baby girl also went to be with Jesus.

I am blessed, however, to say that the church has rallied around this couple that is deeply grieving. Church members have taken food, visited, made phone calls, and just been what the body of Christ is supposed to be.

On Saturday, October 24, our church will join with the family in a memorial service for the two babies. This will be a hard service, as I’m sure you can imagine, but we are praying for God’s glory to shine and his comfort to be very real.

Prayer Requests

We still treasure all of your prayers and support. We’d love to hear from you and to know how we can pray for you as well.

For now, please pray:

· That God will give comfort to the family who lost the two babies this summer, especially as we have the memorial service on the 24th.

· That God will give us sweet time with my mom and that everything will go smoothly with the travel.

· That God will bless the preaching and study of his word at Providence Reformed Church.

· That God will grow our church spiritually and numerically, bringing people to himself and into this local body.

Again, we are so grateful to God for you all. We are blessed to have so many dear friends who have shown us the love of Christ.

May God bless you all,

Travis (with Mitzi and the kids)


3 thoughts on “Peterson Family October Update

  1. it’s so good to hear from you guys and know that you are settling in so well. Everything here is pumpkin also. We are going to try a craft for GFC decorating wood slices painted orange. Will let you know Mitzi how it goes. We miss you!!
    Love and Blessings,


  2. It is great to hear how God has held you and guided you over these months. We know you are a blessing to your church family and we are so happy for you and for them. Please know that we think of you often and love seeing what you are up to 🙂
    Blessings and hugs, Diane Smith


  3. Dearest Brother:
    You once said I would know how you were doing by the freedom the Lord gives you to write. I pray these monthly posts are a true indication of your current walk with the Lord. Praise to the one that is always faithful and true. Blessing to you and your lovely family.
    dave smith


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