Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends, family, and prayer supporters. Here in Las Vegas, the Peterson family has much for which we are so grateful to God. In this brief update, we will share with you just some of the ways that we have been blessed.

Home Front

Over the past month, we have again been blessed in our household. In early November, Mitzi’s brother and his fiancé had the opportunity to come and spend some time with us. This was a very special time for Mitzi, as she and her brother have had very little time together as adults. The kids loved getting to see their uncle from Japan.

During this visit, we…

  • Visited the Grand Canyon
  • Hiked in the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona
  • Enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation here in Vegas
  • And made sure that we showed off our city.


This visit would not have been possible had God not provided for us in a very sweet way. Some of our dear friends from back in Columbia, IL surprised us with a gift of airline miles to purchase airfare for Mitzi’s brother and fiancé to get here. Because of that kindness, our family got time with each other that we would not have had, and some valuable gospel conversations took place. So, we thank God for such sweet friends, and we thank you, our unnamed benefactors–we’re not sending you all to others to ask for Vegas vacations J.

Providence Reformed Church

Life at Providence Reformed Church has been wonderful. Over the past week, Mitzi was talking with the wife of one of our church elders. She told Mitzi that, while many churches have an awkward period as they get used to a new pastor—sometimes over-excited and sometimes difficult—she feels that we “just fit.” What a blessing from God to know that this is true. We are serving in a place where the gifts that God has given our family are best put to use for his glory.

I am continuing to love preaching through Colossians. There is nothing better than to watch God encourage, challenge, and change his people through his word. I love preaching verse-by-verse and helping our people to understand and apply his word in context.

I’m also loving the grace that is present in the word of God. Just last week, we worked through Colossians 3:12. There, God refers to his people as his chosen, holy, and beloved. It is such a joy to help the people of God to see themselves as God declares them to be. (Here again I will remind you that you can always listen to our weekly messages at our web site: http://www.provref.org/media/.)

We finished our study of Chris Brauns’ book, Unpacking Forgiveness, in our adult Sunday school just a couple of weeks ago. This study was an excellent and helpful look at how God’s word defines forgiveness and what it looks like for Christians to forgive as Christ has forgiven us. Now we have begun a study of Wayne Grudem’s Christian Beliefs, which has already started well.

We are still amazed to watch as God continues to connect new friends and families to our church. While our focus during this early season of life at PRC has been on getting to know our people, growing to love one another, and teaching God’s word faithfully, we are grateful to God to see that he is drawing others into our church on his own. We have repeatedly had guests show up who simply saw our church web site and decided to give our church a try. We have even needed to expand our Sunday School offerings, providing another children’s group with Mitzi teaching the pre-school children, because of the new young ones who have arrived.

With Thanksgiving Day here, we are turning our minds toward the Advent season at PRC. That means that we will take a short break from our walk through the book of Colossians. For the next several weeks, we will look at the promise that God has made of sending someone to rescue his children by his grace and for his glory. This season should, Lord willing, wrap up with a Christmas Eve service (or two) that we host in our home for our church members and other Vegas friends and neighbors.

 Prayer Requests

As always, we treasure your support through prayer. We are asking God to continue to protect us, provide for us, and put us exactly where he wants us for his glory. Here are some ways that you can join us in such prayers.

Please pray:

  • That God will continue to grow our people in their love for him and their Christian maturity.
  • That God will grow our church by continuing to bring new families into our fellowship.
  • That God will use this Advent season as a way for us to get to know our neighbors and to continue to grow deeper in fellowship with our church.
  • That God will continue to bless our family with spiritual growth, health, and his provision.

As always, we are eager to hear from you all as well. Please drop us a line and let us know how we might better pray for you.


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