February is here, and as I get ready to catch the Super Bowl with my family, it seems like a great time to jot down some thoughts about what has been going on with the Peterson family over the past month.

Home Front

As many of you know, the family side of things is a big part of what is going on in our lives right now. I’m actually writing this post from my mom’s house in Dongola, IL. My grandfather passed away on February 1, and I was able to return home to perform the funeral. Abigail and I traveled together, while Mitzi and the boys remained in Las Vegas. Things have gone well. We have been glad to spend time with our family here and hopefully be a help to my mother and grandmother during this time.

I’m also happy to have the opportunity to catch up with some dear friends while we are back here. Because of some of our flight arrangements, Abigail and I will get to spend an evening in Columbia, IL and have dinner with some folks we love very much. Our plan is then to return to Las Vegas on Friday and get back to work.

In other family news, we have had the opportunity to open our home for Josiah’s karate class’s belt ceremony. Our little guy got his first promotion, receiving his orange belt. We are very proud of him and glad for the things he is learning. It was also great to have a lot of new folks in our house.


Providence Reformed Church


(Mitzi’s class of 4 and 5 year olds learning the days of creation)

Things at Providence Reformed Church are still going well. We love our church. We love serving these sweet people. And we love the opportunities that God is placing before us.

In early January, we had our first new members class. We had 9 attendees who came to our home to learn about our church’s basic beliefs, strategy, and structure. From that class, we had two families join our church as members, and we will have others joining us soon.

We have begun working through Paul Tripp’s study, “What did You Expect: Redeeming the Reality of Marriage.” This video based study has started well, and we have already had some great discussions.

I’m having the joy of hosting an introduction to the Bible class for a small group in our church on Friday mornings. We are taking five sessions lasting two hours each to walk through the Bible from beginning to end. We are finding key themes such as substitution, God’s sovereignty, faith, and judgment/grace as we also learn the big story of the Scriptures. The material we are using is an 80-page book that I put together years ago and have used in Bolingbrook, in Korea, in Olney and in several other locations. If you would like to know more about this study, drop me a line.

Coming up in February, I will be working with our church’s worship leaders in a sort of mini worship retreat. We will discuss issues of theology of worship along with looking to set vision for our future. PRC is so blessed to have several people who are willing to give of their talents and time to help the church to sing the praises of God with truth and beauty.

Later this month, we will be having our first baptism service since Mitzi and I arrived in Las Vegas. Of course, our church, which is a young church renting space in a public school, does not have a baptistery. We will be borrowing the baptistery of First Baptist Church of the Lakes here in Las Vegas. At this point, I know of three people who will want to be baptized, with the potential of at least one more.

In our last note, I mentioned that we are needing to select what to preach next after finishing the book of Colossians. Lord willing, we will finish Colossians on February 21. After that, we intend to spend some time in the books of Matthew and Genesis as part of the preaching life of PRC. And, do not forget that we would love for you to listen to our messages or subscribe to our podcast at www.provref.org/media.

Prayer Requests

We are so very grateful to God for you and for your continued prayer support. Pleas pray:

  • That God will continue to grow our people in their love for him and their Christian maturity.
  • That God will grow our church by continuing to bring new families into our fellowship.
  • That God will give us opportunities to meet people, build friendships, and share the gospel.
  • That God will help us to continue to grow in our love for and fellowship with our church.
  • That God will give us wisdom to help handle some conflict situations that exist between some of our people and a former church that they were a part of. That situation has been a hard thing for these dear people for a while now, and it would be great if the Lord would help it to be finally put to rest.
  • That God will give our leadership wisdom as we begin to consider whether our present meeting location is the best place for our church’s future.
  • Pray for our worship retreat as we seek to best glorify God in this aspect of our ministry.

As always, we are eager to hear from you all as well. Please drop us a line and let us know how we might better pray for you and yours.


One thought on “February

  1. Travis and Mitzi, It is so good to hear from you and know that you are doing so well in your new home. We continue to miss you, but are glad to hear how your church family is growing and learning to love the Lord. All of God’s very best blessings to you and your church family.
    Janet Sims


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