We love visitors!

Dear Friends and Prayer Supporters,

Easter too 2016

The month of March has been quite an adventure for the Peterson family. We combined our first Easter in Nevada with three straight weeks of house guests just to see if we might be able to completely fill up our lives. We made it, and had a great time.

Home Front
Our family had a great time in the month of March. The weather in Nevada turned beautiful, and we had a great time outside. We also had guests in our home for just over three weeks, from around March 12 through April 1, and we loved the entire time. The Case family from Columbia, IL joined us first. Then my brother, Jody, and his family came from Jacksonville, FL. Finally, Lonnie and Audrey Trembly, dear friends and partners in ministry for years came to Vegas.


With all of our guests, we ran through the unique sights and experiences of the desert. We always made sure that our guests who were interested could see a few of the beautiful things on the Strip like the Bellagio Hotel’s fountains and conservatory.

Each of our guests also enjoyed seeing Hoover Dam.

We made sure to take our guests to Red Rock Canyon for some of Las Vegas’ most beautiful scenery.

The Case and Peterson  families went to Zion National Park in Utah to experience the amazing hiking and incredible views.


Jody and Travis

The Case and Trembly families went with us to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory to see the cactus gardens and get chocolate samples.

The Tremblys took us to visit the Mob Museum, and Travis joined them for a Chicago Cubs and New York Mets pre-season game at Cashman Field.


We also made sure our guests had the chance to visit In-N-Out Burger, get fresh gelato, and try other uniquely Vegas or uniquely Peterson family meals.

Providence Reformed Church
Somehow, in the middle of all of our adventures over the past month, we also managed to continue serving in ministry at PRC. God has been so good to our little church.

On Good Friday, Travis was able to finish the Introduction to the Bible study that he had been working through with a group meeting in our home. This study took five sessions of around two hours each and worked through an eighty page book that Travis put together. The study takes participants through the major events and key themes of the entire Bible, showing how this great story fits together.

Some people have asked if Travis is leading worship at the church. The answer is, sometimes, but not often. Our church has a couple of guys who are doing a great job leading the musical side of worship. We have a few musicians and singers who can join in and provide our church with the help we need to sing to the Lord with joy. However, Travis also takes a turn about once every month. In March, he had the chance to lead twice, as one of our worship leaders was out-of-town visiting his mother in the hospital.

Mitzi has also been leading a Bible study for women which is developing into 2 discipleship groups. We are hopeful that these ladies will be able to meet together regularly for prayer, study, and accountability.

On Resurrection Sunday, our church enjoyed a fellowship breakfast together and we snapped family photos. We took time to study the resurrection of our Savior and celebrate together.

We have been working through the Gospel According to Matthew over the past month or more. Over the Christmas season, Travis preached Matthew chapter 1. Now, he along with the elders have completed the first four chapters. The plan is to take a break from Matthew and work through a quick overview of the first chapters of Genesis before returning to the gospel for the Sermon on the Mount. Remember, you can always listen to our church’s Sunday sermons or subscribe to our podcast at www.provref.org/media.

As time presses forward, we are excited about the days to come. We are looking forward to a congregational fellowship in April along with a church membership class. Our church will also have a visit from one of the missionaries that we support both in prayer and financially.

Prayer Requests
As always, we treasure your support through prayer. We are asking God to continue to protect us, provide for us, and put us exactly where he wants us for his glory. Here are some ways that you can join us in such prayers.
Please pray:

  • That God will continue to grow our people in their love for him and their Christian maturity.
  • That God will grow our church by continuing to bring new families into our fellowship.
  • That God will give our church clear direction as we pray about changing our meeting location. We need him to show us if and where he wants us to move and to provide for us a location that is useful and affordable.
  • That God will help us have opportunities to share the gospel and show Christ’s love in our neighborhood.
  • That God will help our family to continue to grow deeper in fellowship with our church.
  • That God will continue to bless our family with spiritual growth, health, and his provision.

As always, we are eager to hear from you all as well. Please drop us a line and let us know how we might better pray for you.


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