A Few “Firsts”

It’s hard for me to believe that we have already gotten so far into the spring, but here another month has come and gone. Here is our family and ministry update for the month of April, 2016.

Home Front

Our family has kept up a fine tradition of little boys banging their noggins on hard objects and requiring trips to the doctor. Owen, in the middle of zealous and oblivious activity, managed to bonk his head on our coffee table. That required him and his mother to head off to urgent care. He was very brave, even telling the nurse, when his name was called, “My eyebrow hurts.” We expected stitches, but it turns out that glue was the doctor’s remedy of choice.

Owen Stitches 1

We got to attend our first Christian concert here in Las Vegas.  Well sort of…it rained a lot that day so we weren’t able to stay for most of the concert, but the event had family friendly activities at a local park.  Not only did Owen experience his first visit to the urgent care, he also experienced his first carnival ride.  Travis also got to experience a first as well.  He ate his first food truck food.  Travis ate a Japanese/Mexican fusion burrito.  He loved it.  So we had some fun despite the rain!

Josiah is continuing to enjoy his karate classes. He attends class three days per week for an hour at a time. The classes have made him stronger and helped in confidence and coordination. On April 23, Josiah participated in his second belt ceremony where he received his second promotion. He now wears an orange belt with a blue stripe.

Karate 9

Speaking of Josiah, I decided, as April began, that Josiah needed to learn to understand baseball. Since we have not been a part of much in the little league world, and we do not have any form of cable TV, showing a young one the game is not as easy as you might think. What is the solution? How about Nintendo? That’s right, for $5, we downloaded the classic Nintendo version of Bases Loaded. Now he knows all the positions on the diamond and understands a good bit of the rules of baseball. No, he can’t explain the infield fly rule, but he’s making progress. And, we plan a trip to a local minor league ballpark soon to help him learn even more.


Providence Reformed Church

The month of April was a busy time at Providence Reformed Church. On the personal side of ministry, Mitzi and I have both enjoyed putting together a few small, discipleship groups. We are both combining face-to-face time with Skype meetings to take advantage of technology and to allow for our busy church members to have time to get together. In all of our groups, we pray together, study Scripture, and work on some of the basics of accountability.

Our church had the joy of again adding new members to our fellowship in the month of April. On April 9, we hosted our church’s second membership class in our home. During the class, we discussed the basics of the gospel and of our church’s doctrine. We also talked about some of our church’s core values, discussed structure, and basically made sure that all of our church members are committed to the same things. This allowed us to add five new church members during the church’s quarterly congregational meeting on April 17. We praise God for this growth and for the sweet people he continues to add as part of the committed at PRC.

Abigail has been having a great time with the young people of her age in our church. The student ministry has a summer retreat planned so they have been working to raise money.  In order to help with some of that effort Mitzi designed a t-shirt that was sold on a fundraising site.  This was her first time in such an endeavor.  The women in her discipleship group have been working thru the book of James.  They decided to memorize James 1: 2-4 “Count it all joy, my brother, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”  Thank you to all our friends who supported her and raised some funds for the student ministry!

Count it all joy tshirt

One joy of the month of April was making some new friends. Pastor Al Lewis and his wife Edie are missionaries that PRC supports. The Lewises visited our home and were our guests. We enjoyed hosting them, getting to know them, and learning about their fabulous ministry. Al travels the world training ministers, and Edie minister’s wives, of the gospel to faithfully teach God’s word. This is a great ministry, because so many pastors of churches in other countries never have the opportunity to learn how to faithfully study and present Scripture to others.  It is also such a great encouragement for the pastor’s wives who are usually isolated and need training as well.

Al and Edie

Fellowship was a big part of the life of the church in April. We had three weeks in a row where members of the church shared meals together.  We had a church potluck one week, a fellowship lunch with the visiting missionaries the next week, and a student ministry event that was all planned and served by the students the week after that.  It has been a wonderful season of food and fellowship!


Prayer Requests

We deeply value your friendship and your prayers. Please continue to pray for us:

  • That God will grow our family in love for him and help us to follow him faithfully in all things.
  • That God will bless our church and grow us numerically and spiritually.
  • That God will protect us, provide for us, and place us exactly where he wants us for his glory.
  • That God will continue to give us opportunities to build friendships with people outside of our church family.

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