It’s HOT outside!

It feels like we have flown past spring and went straight into summer in Las Vegas. We’ve already experienced days as hot as 108. So, any of you who were jealous of our beautiful weather from February through early May can now feel a little better.

Here is our family update and prayer letter for May, 2016.

Home Front

Early in May, Travis and the kids got the opportunity to enjoy some fun at the ballpark. Las Vegas is home to the 51s, the AAA affiliate for the New York Mets. In case you are curious, the 51s name is for our close proximity to Area 51, where all the aliens landed—or at least our sci-fi friends believe.

Josiah and Travis ballgame


The first game we made it to was special, as it was just Travis and Josiah having some father/son time. The guys joined eight other folks from PRC. Josiah’s first game was just perfect. He got to go down on the field and participate in a silly race between innings, winning a foam finger in the process. After the game, dad and son walked over to the dugout, and Josiah received an official Pacific Coast League used baseball that was autographed for him by Brandon Nimmo, the 51s center-fielder and young Mets prospect.

Later that same week, Travis got an email from a friend who serves the Nevada Baptist Convention offering free tickets to another game. This time Travis, Abigail, and Josiah enjoyed the evening together along with some free food and a fireworks show. We understand that all these sweet experiences are kindnesses given to us by our God, and we are certainly grateful for the times.



Like last month we also got to experience another “boys will be boys” moment with our son Josiah.  He was playing with his brother and chipped a tooth.  Thankfully we were able to find a dentist quickly and repair the tooth, which is as good as new.

We continue to be blessed to serve God with our home. We were able to allow a few different people to stay with us in the month of May, different believers who were passing through Las Vegas. We were also able to host a Southern Baptist pastor and his family for dinner as we continue to enjoy the fellowship of God’s people here in Nevada.

Coming up, Abigail and Josiah are off to summer camp in California. This will be new to Josiah who has never been to a church camp before. Travis, Mitzi, and Owen will have to figure out how to make it in such a quiet house for the week.

Providence Reformed Church

May was another joyful month of many opportunities to fellowship with one another.  First, the student ministry of our church hosted a meal with a cool medieval theme.  This meal was planned, prepared, and presented by the students.  The funds were raised to help them to go on a summer student retreat.  Abigail enjoyed being part of this event.  She helped to serve the meal.  All the students worked hard and the church enjoyed being served by these young students.

Abigail and mommy

The following week, Mitzi and the ladies of PRC participated in a Women’s Tea.  There, Mitzi opened God’s word and taught through the book of Esther.  The ladies learned several points of God’s providence in the life of Esther and were encouraged to recognize the sovereign hand of God in placing them here for such a time as this.


Then came Mother’s Day!  We had a wonderful day serving and celebrating our mother’s in the church.  In 4 and 5 year old Sunday School, Mitzi helped the young ones make a special craft for their mothers.


A week after that, Mitzi got the opportunity to host a church baby shower in our home. Lots of ladies from our church came to our home to love on a family expecting a new little one. The Asian theme was well received, as the mom-to-be had spent time in Japan with her military husband.

Also in May, Travis and Mitzi joined with other church leaders to participate in the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE) international conference. This event took us to Denver for three days. Thankfully, a sweet couple from the church came to our house and stayed with our three kids while we were away.

For any who do not know, Providence Reformed Church is affiliated with FIRE. The Fire web site describes this fellowship by saying, “FIRE is a unifying network for independent Reformed (and Reforming) baptistic churches to experience mutual edification, fellowship, cooperation and prayerful support in ministries and missions.” We are finding it lovely to be a part of a fellowship of churches and individuals who are deeply committed to Scripture and the glory of God as we serve him together.

One neat thing for our church over the past months has been the production of a new church directory. After we took family photos on Resurrection Sunday in April, Mitzi dropped those pictures into a file along with contact information for church regulars. Our people were very happy to get these new directories, and many were surprised to see several new faces. One elder commented that he had counted the faces in the directory, and he was very happily surprised to find more people than he expected.

Coming soon, our church faces some interesting challenges. The middle school where our church meets is about to undertake a remodeling project which will include the theatre space we use for worship services. The immediate plan for us is to move our services into the school’s cafeteria until the project is completed. However, our church is also actively seeking a new place to meet that is more centrally located. Our current meeting place is in the southeast part of the city. We are praying that God will help us find a meeting place that is centrally located, near the highway system, and more connected to a local neighborhood. We would love for you to join us in praying that God will put us right where he wants us.

In June, we will continue our church’s brief series through the opening chapters of Genesis. Our plan is to finish Genesis 11 by the end of the month and then continue in our walk through Matthew in July. Our family is also going to be hosting a regular, mid-week Bible study in the Psalms. You can always listen to any of our Sunday morning messages by visiting our church web site:

Prayer Requests

Please take a moment to lift up our family and church in prayer. We are grateful to God for your support here.


  • That God will grow our family in love for him and help us to follow him faithfully in all things.
  • That God will bless our church and grow us numerically and spiritually.
  • That God will protect us, provide for us, and place us exactly where he wants us for his glory.
  • That God will continue to give us opportunities to build friendships with people outside of our church family.
  • That God will bless our church in our search for the right meeting location.
  • That God will bless our kids as they go to camp.

As always, we would love to hear from you all. Feel free to send us a note to let us know how we can pray for you.



2 thoughts on “It’s HOT outside!

  1. Thanks for the update. I love reading about all that God is doing through ur family. We still miss all of you. Will be praying for your needs.


  2. It wounds like you are exactly where God wants to be and doing what He wants you to do. I love hearing about it all. I really miss you guys, but know that you are getting settled and except for the heat are loving your new ministry. Looking forward to seeing you, Mitzi and Abigail in September.


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