July Update

The month of July was filled with many fascinating happenings for the Peterson family and our ministry here in the southwest. There was travel, work, rest, and even a hospital visit. Here is our July update.

Home Front

In early July, Abigail had the opportunity to go with our church’s youth group on a retreat at a cabin in the mountains of Utah. She and the students enjoyed their time together in the cool weather, hanging out with one another, and working through John Piper’s “The Blazing Center” Bible study. However, the trip took an unexpected turn when Abigail found herself, after a hike, experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness. Leaders recognized that she was not doing well, and decided to rush her to the hospital. She was unconscious by the time she arrived with what we later determined was altitude sickness. After she spent some time at a lower altitude and had an I.V., everything seemed fine. The doctors sent her home with a clean bill of health and no damage done. Of course, we are all praising God for protecting her during that scary time. We are soon headed back to a higher altitude for our church’s annual family camp, and we would appreciate your prayers that this, as the doctors have said, will not have an impact on her health.

Speaking of Abigail and health, last month we mentioned to you that she was having some pain and popping in her jaw. We have since taken her for an M.R.I. to look for any tearing of cartilage. We are awaiting those results, so please continue to pray for her.

On a happier note, our family spent a week in southern California in July. Friends of ours from our church previously attended Faith Community Church in Oxnard, and they still love to return and visit their old friends. In July, FCC holds their vacation Bible school. Our family followed our friends and connected with the sweet folks at FCC and joined in the Bible School. The boys participated as students while Abigail and Mitzi served as workers. This was Owen’s first year to participate and Abigail’s first year to serve as a worker.


With VBS in the mornings, the family had the opportunity to enjoy afternoons in the pool or at the beach. We also visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, a fascinating field trip for our little ones. Travis had the opportunity to preach at Grace Bible Church in Moorpark as well as at Faith Community Church in Oxnard during the trip. These two churches are part of F.I.R.E., the fellowship to which our church also belongs, so this was a good time for building relationships between our like-minded churches.

Nina house collage

Reagan Collage

Beach Collage

Over this past month, we have learned that our next-door neighbors are going to be moving. As a military family, they have been transferred to Germany. This means that, soon, the house next to ours will be on the market. We would love it if you would pray that God will give us good neighbors and that we will be able to develop a quick friendship. Of course, if any of you want to move to Vegas, now is the time!

Providence Reformed Church

A major piece of news for our church is that we have agreed to change our meeting location. Providence Reformed Church will begin meeting, in September, at the Walter Johnson Junior High School. We are looking forward to a location that is very like our former meeting place—both school buildings were built in the same year and have the same layout. At the same tine, we are excited to have a location that is a better fit for our current congregation and which is surrounded by neighborhoods that we can reach out to.

Johnson JHS
7701 Ducharme Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89145-4937

Along with this move, we will have to do a lot of work to get things ready. We will be creating new signage, finding a new storage place for our equipment, and handling all the logistics of setting up somewhere new. We would love for you to pray for us that we handle this transition smoothly, and that we make sure that everyone finds us in our new place quickly.

Have you ever wondered what we mean by “reformed” church in our church name? It is not complicated, though it may be unfamiliar to some. During the 16th century, Martin Luther and others brought about a major change in the life of the Christian church. This movement became known as the Protestant Reformation. Many would summarize the principles that led to this reformation as the five solas, which are five Latin phrases with the word “alone” in them. We believe that salvation is by God’s grace alone, that it comes to us through faith alone, that it is found in Christ alone, that it is to the glory of God alone, and that authority for our lives and doctrine is found in Scripture alone. If you are a part of a Baptist,  Presbyterian, Evangelical Free, or even a non-denominational church, you may find that you value the five solas as much as we do. In the name Providence Reformed Church, we are being very open with our value of Scripture, grace, faith, Christ, and God’s glory. We are baptistic in our understanding of baptism and church membership, though we do not presently belong to a Baptist denomination. We acknowledge the sovereignty of God over our lives in all aspects, including our salvation. In truth, we are like any biblical church. We sing God’s praise. We preach the word. We share the gospel. We care for one another. We show kindness to those in need. We baptize believers. We share in Lord’s Supper. We practice restorative church discipline for the glory of God and for the good of all in the church. We meet in small groups in homes. We have Sunday School. We try to love God and each other and the world around us to his glory. If you would ever like to know more about who we are or what we do, we would welcome any questions you have. Send us a note or visit our church web site: www.provref.org. You can also go there to hear audio of Sunday morning sermons if you are interested.

Prayer Requests

As always, we treasure your prayer support and your friendship. Please let us know how we can pray for you and yours. Also, please pray…

  • That all related to the church move will go smoothly.
  • That our new location will build for us new relationships with people who need to hear the gospel.
  • That God will bless our church as we fellowship together in our family camp in August.
  • That God will bless Abigail as we hear from the doctor about her jaw.
  • That our family will begin our new homeschool year well.
  • That we will continue to build friendships and have gospel opportunities in our own neighborhood including good, new neighbors.

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