Summer’s End

It feels like we may have finally put summer in the rearview mirror and are heading toward fall. Of course, I say that as temperatures are forecast to be in the 90s this week. That is living in the desert, and we actually enjoy it very much. Here is the Peterson family update for the month of August, 2016.

Home Front

Many of you have been praying for Abigail and the pain she was feeling in her jaw. She went in for an MRI in August, but the test did not indicate any structural damage. We may have to have her sleep with a retainer in order to rest that part of her jaw at night if the pain does not subside. However, we are grateful to know that there is nothing structurally wrong.

Part of our family’s fun August was also a major event for our church. Each year, Providence Reformed Church holds a family camp in the mountains of Utah. This year, nearly fifty folks from the church gathered at a campground in Duck Creek Village, UT to enjoy the gorgeous scenery, hiking, fishing and cool air.


We sang together around the campfire, had s’mores, and even enjoyed a Sunday morning worship service outside in the mountain air.


During the trip, our family took time to visit Bryce Canyon. We are still amazed at the beauty of God’s creation here in the west.

Josiah had a fun August as well. He has continued to work hard in his karate class and tested for his next promotion. We all celebrated with him that he was awarded his blue belt. And, only in Las Vegas would I expect for the karate belt ceremony to be held at a pool party where the students, at their instructor’s command, had to leap fully clothed into a pool—new belts and all.


Our string of visitors from back in the Midwest continued in August. Wanda, a dear lady from First Baptist Church in Columbia, IL stopped by our home for lunch. She was in Vegas to visit her daughter, and we were glad to see them both and to hear that Wanda is doing so well. The family also joined us for worship on Sunday morning.

At the end of the month, we celebrated Owen’s fifth birthday. Mitzi made a Mario themed cake and several folks from our church joined us for the party. One thing we dearly love about our folks is that adults and older students were happy to come by and celebrate with Owen. He loved the encouragement of so many big friends.

Providence Reformed Church

Besides the family camp I mentioned in our family section, much of the month of August was devoted to the church’s plan to move our Sunday morning meeting location. We will begin in September to meet at a different middle school that is better situated for our congregation. We are looking forward to the new facilities and the new neighborhood to minister to. For our family, the drive to church is shortened by around 15 minutes, which is a nice thing on a Sunday morning.

In September, we are also planning to begin some new discipleship groups. Travis and Mitzi are both beginning a couple of groups reading through The Exemplary Husband and The Excellent Wife respectively. We will help our folks to read a chapter per week, and will share thoughts via a Facebook group. We will also plan, from time to time, for our groups to meet together or to have Skype, Facetime, or perhaps Google Hangouts conversations.

On Sunday mornings, we are continuing to work verse-by-verse through the Gospel According to Matthew. The Sermon on the Mount has been a joy to dig into, an, Travis is still loving the preaching of the word. We are also working through a new Sunday School series. Now that we have finished the Wayne Grudem series Christian Beliefs, we have begun a short study on why we trust the Bible. As always, if you are interested in listening to our Sunday morning messages, visit

Prayer Requests

We greatly value your prayers and friendship. Please pray…

  • That God will bless our move to our new location and help us to reach out to the school and nearby community.
  • That God will allow us to see people come to faith in Christ.
  • That God will help us to continue to get to know our neighbors and the parents in Josiah’s karate class.
  • That God will give our children a good start to the new homeschool year.
  • That God will grow us all in faithfulness to him and provide for us in all ways.
  • That God will bless us with good neighbors since the house next door is for sale.

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