Fall in the Desert

Fall has fallen here in the desert, and we are certainly very happy to have the cool mornings and evenings. As we enter October, we are again captured by the goodness of God, and of pumpkin-flavored everything. Here is a quick update on what has been up with the Peterson family in September 2016.

Home Front

September meant for our family an acceleration in education. All three of our little ones are moving up in their homeschool worlds, learning new things in new ways. Abigail is taking courses through Veritas Press, an on-line Christian academy, studying some history and theology as well as algebra. Both Abigail and Josiah are also progressing in Monarch courses, which are computer based courses. And Owen is getting into the game, doing some of his own kindergarten studies.


During the month, Mitzi and Abigail had a special opportunity for a girls-only trip to Indianapolis to attend the True Woman 2016 conference. True Woman is a conference for women that teaches solid theology and biblical womanhood. It was great for the ladies to get away—just the two of them—and hear solid speakers, some of whom they got to meet—a cool experience for Abigail. They also enjoyed meeting up with old friends of ours from Illinois and Minnesota.

true-women-2016They even got to see some family.  Mitzi’s sister and her children came down from Chicago so they could spend the day together.


If you know our family, you also know that Abigail had a milestone birthday, entering her teen years. In order to focus on this major life transition, we had a special celebration brunch for her coming of age. We were thrilled to have many of our church leaders as well as some student mentors come and celebrate with her. During the party, each person shared with Abigail some thoughts about the neat things they see in her character as well as some counsel for facing the years ahead as a young lady who is no longer a kid. It was a very special morning, and we are grateful to God for such a loving and spiritually minded church family.abigails-13-party

Abigails brunch.jpg

Providence Reformed Church

On the first Sunday in September, our church began to have services at the Johnson Junior High School in Las Vegas. This new location is a more central location for our church members and affords us access to an entirely new neighborhood. The people of PRC are very excited about what the Lord may allow us to do as we spend time together in the new school and as we prayerfully reach out.

Not all aspects of the transition to the new school were smooth. After our first week in the school, the entire building was closed for a week after teachers in the school found that a significant quantity of mercury was spilled in the gymnasium. At this point, we have no information as to how students managed to bring mercury into the building, but this caused quite a mess as the entire building had to be decontaminated.

What did we do when we could not meet in a school building? In a really neat twist, our church found a way to squeeze into a member family’s home for the day. We had our services as we normally would have, and the time of fellowship during flexibility was excellent. While we enjoyed that Sunday, we were also glad to be able to return to the school and the extra space in the weeks ahead.

One bitter-sweet part of September for our church family was the loss of Murray Molinsky. Murray had battled cancer for twenty-five years. It was only in the last year-and-a-half that Murray came to faith in Jesus, an event which was a great source of joy and comfort to his wife, daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren who are all part of our church. Travis was honored to share the good news of eternal life in Christ at the funeral service, a service attended by many who were not themselves believers.

Prayer Requests

We value you and your prayer support. We’d love to hear from you and to know how we can lift you up before God’s throne. On our behalf, please pray the following:

·         That God will help our church to settle well into our new neighborhood and reach out with the gospel.
·         That God will help our church to grow in spiritual maturity as well as to grow by numbers as people come to worship with us.
·         That God will bless our family with more opportunities to reach out to our neighbors and other acquaintances.
·         That our kids will continue to progress in their education during this new, much more intense, school year.


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