Thanksgiving Season

This holiday season, our family is truly thankful for all of you who love and pray for us. Thank you for remembering to pray for us and for all the ways that you have shown us and continue to show us that you care. Here is our family ministry update for November 2016.

Home Front

This November was marked by two wonderful family visits at the beginning and the end of the month. As you probably know, we love to have folks come and spend time with us, and it was especially wonderful to open our home to Travis’s brother, Jeff, and his wife, Katie at the beginning of the month and Travis’s mom at the end of November for Thanksgiving.

For Travis’s sister-in-law, this was her first ever visit to Las Vegas. This meant that we all enjoyed showing her the sights, especially the ones that out-of-towners do not expect to find. We all had fun hiking, eating gelato, and just hanging around and catching the end of the World Series.

Of course, a visit to Hoover Dam is a great part of a Las Vegas visit.


Everyone also loves the beauty of Red Rock Canyon.


At the end of the month, Travis’s mom joined us for the week of Thanksgiving. It was so sweet to have the family together. The kids love having their Mama in the house, and we had lots of fun, family adventures.

We checked out Christmas lights at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory’s Cactus garden and at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


We stopped by Red Rock to get a few nice family pictures.


On Thanksgiving Day, we had a wonderful meal together on the Strip at the Grand Luxe Café—Mom could have turkey while nobody else was required to.


During Travis’s mom’s visit, we took time to decorate the house for Christmas. Putting up the Christmas tree is so much better when more family is in the house!

In a fascinating little adventure, Travis had the opportunity to be a real Las Vegas musician. Well, at least he played music in public—which is really the same as having a Vegas show, right? Our realtor asked Travis if he would provide the music for a party that she threw for her clients, and he was happy to help out. It was a lot of fun for all, and Travis even took a few requests from time-to-time.



Providence Reformed Church

Life at Providence Reformed Church has been a joy for the Peterson family, and that was true in November. In our worship services, our church has finished working through the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7. We have now begun our Advent series for 2016 which will be a topical look at some important truths that we should remember over the Christmas season. Then, if things go according to plan, we will return to the Gospel According to Matthew in January of 2017. Remember that you can always listen to our sermons from the church web site if you would like by visiting

Mitzi enjoyed entertaining the ladies of PRC with a Favorite Things party held in the Peterson home. In these parties, ladies bring five of one of their favorite things that cost less than $5 each. Then, besides enjoying yummy food and fun, the ladies will exchange items so that every person goes home with five different favorites. This is a great way for ladies to get to know each other, to have fun, and to discover such favorites as books, soaps, kitchen helps, candies, crafts, or just about anything. Travis appears to be the one in the family who most enjoyed the family’s acquisition of chocolate-covered ginger from the this party.

Prayer Requests

We are very grateful to God for you and your prayer support. Please pray for us in the following ways:

  • Pray that God will bless and grow our love for him.
  • Pray that God will help us as a family to be faithful to our calling to love each other and to live as a light to our community.
  • Pray that God will help the church to grow and to impact our city with the message of Christ.
  • Pray that God will give us opportunities to share the love of Jesus with friends and neighbors this Christmas season.

 As always, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment on this post, send us a note, or catch up with us on our Facebook page.


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