April Update

Take a look at what has been going on in the lives of the Peterson Family and Providence Reformed Church in April, 2017.

Home Front

One of the fun things about living in Las Vegas is the fact that we get to try all sorts of fun, interesting, and new foods. Honestly, for the most part, we do not go out to eat unless it involves a meeting with others connected to our church, but from time-to-time we will have a treat. This past month, we got to try rolled ice cream. This new concept is perhaps the freshest type of ice cream we have found as the workers make it instantly, right in front of you. They pour the cream on a cold surface, mix in the fruit, and roll it all up and serve it. Owen’s mango madness was quite a treat!

Toward the end of April, Josiah continued his progress in his karate class. He had his next belt test, and passed, earning his yellow belt. In case you do not know, different schools of martial arts award belt colors in different orders. Josiah has progressed from white to orange to blue to yellow. He now will continue to work from yellow to green to brown to black. We are very proud of him and all his hard work. He has gotten stronger and grown more confident as he has pressed into these challenges.

While I like to write about family and church life in different categories, it is hard to separate them very much. The life of our family is our church life in so many ways. For example, on the 3rd Friday in April, we hosted Secret church 2017 in our home. We had more than fifteen people pile into our living room to join with believers all over the world in an outstanding study of the reliability of the Scripture. Secret Church is taught by David Platt over a six hour period, and is live-streamed over the Internet. This was a great experience for us all, and if you are interested in knowing more about this ministry, visit www.radical.net/secretchurch.

We have also been hosting a couple of different Bible studies in our home. On Wednesdays for the past few months, we have had a gathering of students and young adults. We have worked through some hard questions and fascinating topics. Some of our studies have included passages from Leviticus, questions about discerning the will of God, issues related to ethics, and much more. This has been a great experience, and it is actually about to transition into something even more fun.

The more fun event that our Wednesday study has moved to is what we are calling Sunday Night Live. On April 30, we held our first ever Sunday Night Live. Again, several folks piled into our living room for an hour-and-a-half study of the Gospel According to John. What is even more fun, we broadcast this study on Facebook Live so that others who are part of our church and many who are from far away were able to watch and participate in the study. We took questions from the Internet and I think we all had a great time. If you want to catch up with us during one of these studies, connect to the church’s Facebook page and watch for us to go live on Sunday evenings at 6:30 Pacific (8:30 Central) – www.facebook.com/provref.

Providence Reformed Church

During this past month in the life of our church, we joined with one of our church members in honoring the memory of her husband who passed away suddenly in March. The memorial was a reception held at the Las Vegas Little Theatre, a neat little community theatre downtown. We were happy to support this sweet lady and her family during this hard time. And, it was a uniquely Vegas experience to hold the reception at such a fascinating place. These types of experiences are all part of what it means to be the church in this community, and we love what the Lord has allowed us to do.

Our church also participated in a bit of community outreach before our Resurrection Sunday services. We went door-to-door and walked around a local park to talk to people. The goal was simply to let people know that there is a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church that meets on Sundays at Johnson Junior High School. Our people were great sports, working hard to cover a lot of ground.

On Resurrection Sunday, we had a sweet time of fellowship before our regular church services. Folks brought in extra breakfast foods and we enjoyed each other’s company instead of our normal Sunday School schedule. We also made sure to snap some updated family photos for our folks and to update our church directory.

Prayer Requests:

We are so grateful to God for you all and for your willingness to pray for us. Please pray for us:

  • That God will help us to continue to form new friendships and relationships in our city.
  • That God will help us to serve him faithfully in our church.
  • That God will bless the children as they continue to work on their schooling.
  • That God will bless our church, allowing us to honor him and grow for his glory.

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