May Update

What’s been happening with the Peterson family and Providence Reformed Church in May 2017?

Home Front


One of the things we love dearly about living in Las Vegas is the beautiful outdoors. While we grew up in a part of the country that is wonderfully green with woods, creeks, rivers, and rolling hills, we still find ourselves amazed at the stunning scenery of the desert. On the Monday after Mother’s Day, we took advantage of our nearness to the Valley of Fire, a park with some truly unique trails.

Our children are happy that the major portion of the home school year has come to an end. Abigail finished two very tough on-line courses, and is quite happy for the break. These Veritas classes were courses that were taught live by a teacher using video and simulating a classroom. She is thrilled not to be working on much algebra over the summer, though all the kids will keep up a little work over the summer to make sure they are ready for next year. Even Owen has gotten into the swing of things with his own math and language arts studies.

One thing that was a neat right-of-passage experience for our daughter was her first road trip with friends. Our family is blessed with some great friends, including some very responsible and caring young 20s young ladies who offered to have Abigail join them on a weekend trip to Los Angeles. Abigail and the ladies went to Hollywood and spent time at the farmer’s market at the Grove, shopped in bookstores, hit the beach, and even visited Downtown Disney. In case you are wondering, she brought her parents Mickey and Minnie Mouse mugs.

Providence Reformed Church

Ministry at Providence Reformed Church (PRC) was full in May. Our PRC students held a garage sale where they raised funds for the students to head to L.A. in July to help a church with their vacation Bible school. The students are excited to serve others and have a summer retreat.

Our Sunday Night Live Bible study held in our home is still going well. In May, we managed to study through John chapters 1-3. These studies include a group meeting in our home and several people watching the study live on Facebook. If you are interested, feel free to join us live on Sunday nights, 6:30 Pacific (8:30 Central) at (you’ll need to follow the church’s Facebook page to be notified when we go live).

An annual event of PRC is the Women’s Ministry Friendship Tea. Each May, ladies from our church get together for fellowship and Bible study. This year, the ladies enjoyed each other’s company as they worked through a set of discussion questions walking them through the book of Ruth.

One change in our ministry life at PRC has been a move toward a home-based prayer meeting. One of our small groups has felt the need to focus their group time on prayer, and we had a wonderful kickoff to that in our first meeting in May.

Another exciting change in May was a new young men’s ministry and a young women’s ministry. We started with a weekend retreat in our home for the ladies and another home for the young men.  The young men worked through the “Do Hard Things” conference videos and the ladies worked thru podcasts from the Revive Our Hearts Ministry.

The young men will focus on three things: life skills, accountability, and Scripture. In each meeting, we will teach our teens a skill they need to have for life. In May, we taught the young men to check the fluids and jumpstart a car. We also are challenging them to think about the kinds of adult men they want to be and will then seek to hold them accountable to move in that direction. Of course, each meeting will be centered on a study from the word of God.

The young women will have a similar focus and at each meeting they will have different older women speak into their lives, and be taught by them. By having these regular meetings, we hope that the young women will begin seeking out the right older woman for a mentoring relationship.  In May, Mitzi taught the ladies how to cook Japanese Curry.  While cooking, we had great conversations about what the future holds for each young lady, and how one can honor God by making godly goals.

We are very excited to see what God will do with these young men and women as we connect them to the older generation in our church.  We believe in living life together as a church family, and this will definitely be one way we can accomplish this goal.

Finally, we have also begun a preaching lab for PRC. Men are gathering together to learn to prepare and deliver sermons. We believe that the church is strongest when multiple men of God are able to communicate the word of God to the people of God.

Prayer Requests

We are grateful to God for you and for your willingness to support us in prayer. Please pray for us in the following ways:

  • That God will bless our family and grow us in loving him and each other.
  • That God will open even more opportunities for us to share the gospel with friends and neighbors.
  • That God will bless the new ways that we are trying to train up our folks at PRC.
  • That God will bring new people to our church and grow us both numerically and spiritually.

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