Summer fun

2017-07-04 20.50.27-1

What has been up with the Peterson family and Providence Reformed Church in July?

Home Front

Early in July, Travis and Mitzi had the opportunity to do something new. Sweet friends invited us to join them on an escape room adventure. We had 1 hour to solve puzzles and decipher riddles in order to escape a Martian prison and return to earth before disaster struck. We made it out with only 4 minutes to spare!


If you have been keeping up with our family, you know that Josiah has been working through the ranks at his karate class. This month was a little different, however, as Owen got into the action. The class offered a $1 trial for new students to see if they would be interested. Owen gave it a shot, and did well. But, we will probably wait six months or so before trying to get him into the program.

2017-07-11 17.42.53

We enjoyed the fourth of July at home with friends.  We enjoyed grilled food, games, and fireworks!  The Wright family came with a box of fireworks which we got to do in front of our home with other neighbors doing the same thing.

It was so wonderful to catch up with Lupita this month.  She came to town and visited us at our church.  We met Lupita in South Korea at the church we served in over ten years ago.

2017-07-10 09.06.51

July contains Travis’ birthday. The family enjoyed some Cold Stone ice cream together. We love birthday coupons!

Providence Reformed Church

One of the joys of being a relatively new church is that we can do things in untraditional ways. That includes how we sometimes get to handle our baptism services. On July 9, just after Sunday morning services, we gathered together at a family’s home for fellowship and to support those who chose to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism. We had the joy of baptizing 7 people.


A major part of the month of July for our church this year was our student ministry trip. We took 7 young people along with several adults to Oxnard, for a trip that combined service, spiritual growth, and fellowship. Each weekday morning over the week of July 16-23, Our group joined with Faith Community church in Oxnard to help them with their vacation Bible school. After lunch, we worked together through 2 Timothy 6:1-14 as part of our own spiritual growth retreat. Then in the afternoons and evenings, we had fun and fellowship activities including going to the beach, a mall scavenger hunt, a party with students from California at a host home, a board game day, and a trip to a Hollywood farmer’s market. Travis was happy to be able to share God’s word with the folks from FCC, and we returned to Las Vegas tired but happy on July 23.

2017-07-23 12.42.36

Prayer Requests

We would be so happy for you to pray for us in the following ways:

  • Pray that our church continue to grow. God has brought some new families to our congregation, and we certainly want that to continue.
  • Pray that God will help us to grow spiritually. We want to love him, be faithful to him, and honor him in all we do.
  • Pray that God continue to open doors for us to meet new people and reach out with the love of Christ.
  • Pray for the things that you would pray for any family: spiritual growth, health, provision, etc.

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