Summer’s End

As we wrap up the month of August and summer in the desert winds down, we want to share with you what has been happening with the Peterson family and Providence Reformed Church.

Home Front

Josiah worked through another promotion test in his karate class. He has now gained a green stripe on his yellow belt, which for his class means that he has completed 6 of 11 promotion steps toward a black belt. The work is getting harder and the challenges much larger. But he is pressing on, and we are very proud of him.


Travis, Abigail, and Josiah managed to make it to a baseball game here in Las Vegas before the season ended thanks to receiving some free tickets. The Las Vegas 51s are the triple A affiliate of the new York Mets. On the night we went to the game, we had a fun experience. Josiah said that he wanted to buy a hat, though we told him it was not something we could do for him this trip. Just after arriving, a stadium usher asked Josiah if he would like to go and play a game on the field after the 1st inning. He played, of course, and his reward…wait for it…was a game used baseball and a Las Vegas 51s hat—the very hat he wanted to get in the first place. WE all had a great time at the game. And we are all giving thanks to God for the kindnesses he is showing us.


One of the beautiful things about living in Las Vegas is that so many friends from years ago find their way here for one reason or another. This August, we got to visit with the Thompson family, friends from Canada via South Africa who were part of Christian International Church when we lived in South Korea. It was lovely to get to catch up and hear what the Lord has been doing in the lives of the Thompson’s and to see how much their kids have grown.


Of course, no August is complete without a birthday party. Our youngest turned 6 this year, and we all had a great time celebrating. Perhaps one of the most fun things about this year’s party is the fact that so many of the teens from our church’s student group took time to come and help Owen celebrate. We are grateful to everyone for the kind birthday wishes and gifts.

Providence Reformed Church

Each August, PRC has what we call family camp. Over the weekend, probably around half of the church travels to Duck Creek village, UT for a weekend of camping. We find ourselves high atop a mountain with beautiful pine trees, creeks, lakes, and meadows. We enjoy hikes, campfires, fishing, s’mores, and a lot of laughs. On Sunday morning, we have a worship service up on the mountain much like what the others in the church are doing back in Las Vegas at the same time.

Prayer Requests

We would be grateful if you joined us in praying for the following:

  • Pray that God continue to bless and care for our family. WE always need his protection and provision to do what he has brought us here to do.
  • Pray for the kids and for Mitzi as the new homeschool year gets going in September.
  • Pray for our church’s growth. We have seen several new folks arrive over the past few months. Pray that these will connect with our church in membership and service.
  • Always pray for us that the Lord will open more and more doors for us to share the gospel with friends and neighbors.

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