Spring 2018

2018-03-12 19.52.59

When compared to the past few months, February and March have been far less imposing, far more normal, months for the Peterson family. Here is a quick update with a few prayer requests. Thanks, as always, to all of you for caring for and supporting our family in ministry.

Home Front

By the grace of God, our family is all doing well. One sweet blessing for us is that Josiah had his 11th birthday. Our family celebrated by going out for authentic, Japanese Ramen and the novelty of rolled ice-cream. We also had a themed party with the students at our home.

Josiah's 11th party

We were also able to host a house guest for the month of February. A church member and friend had just finished his military service, and he needed a place to stay after his apartment lease was up in February, but before heading back to his wife and children in early March. We are glad to have this space available and to use the home God has given us to care for others.

In March, two sweet friends from Illinois, a mom and her oldest daughter, were able to join us for a few days. The two were on a little mother-daughter, coming-of-age retreat. We loved showing them the beauties of the desert and having time with these dear friends.

God has sent us to Las Vegas in his service. We came here on purpose, serving a small, newly formed church, for the sake of the spread of the gospel, the growth of his people, and the glory of the Lord. As a family, we are a ministry family. We desire to be used by the Lord in all that we have for his glory. So, please, as you read about sweet things in our lives, birthdays or visits from others, also remember to pray that God will continue to use us, to watch over us, to provide for us in the way that you would pray for missionaries in other settings. God is good. Our family exists for his purposes, for his glory. And we pray that we will continue to be used by him.


Providence Reformed Church

In February, our Sunday night Bible study finished a series simply entitled Introduction to the Bible. This five-session study walked us through the basic timeline of the Bible. We highlighted key themes and saw how the books of the Bible fit together. We enjoyed our time together, and many people participated in the study by watching it live on the church’s Facebook page. We took a short break in the beginning of March before continuing to gather in our home each Sunday evening. Now we are beginning a short course on Christian Apologetics, defending the faith, that is from Capitol Hill Baptist Church.


Prayer Requests

Please lift up the following prayer requests before the throne of grace:

  • Pray for the family as the kids continue to work on their homeschool courses and consider what the next school year will include.
  • Pray for the family that we will make new friends and see gospel opportunities in our neighborhood.
  • Pray for God’s protection and provision for our family. We need him to watch over us in our city, keep us safe and healthy, and meet our needs. It was a step of faith to come here, and God has shown himself faithful. Please pray that he will continue to care for us and surprise us with his kindness.
  • Pray for the growth of PRC. We need to see ourselves grow in love for God and for each other. We also need to see the Lord grow our church by adding to the church body as he sees fit.





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