Summer 2018

What has been up in the life of the Peterson family and Providence Reformed Church over the past couple of months?

Home Front


In April, Josiah  was very happy to receive another karate promotion. After a really tough test with lots of exercise, sparring, and board breaking, he ranked up to receive the brown stripe on his green belt.

In a bit of change, Josiah is ready for a rest from karate. So, for the near future at least, he is going to look for another type of exercise activity. We are very proud of him and all he accomplished in his training.

Some of the hardest things to write in a newsletter like this one are the special things that the Lord provides for us. We never want to sound like life is super-easy, or that we are extravagant. In what we do. In truth, our family spends very little on doing extra things for ourselves. But when the Lord opens a door for one or all of us to enjoy a blessing, we are glad to tell you about it.

This year, Abigail received a tremendously generous gift. As you may know, both Abigail and Josiah take on-line courses through Veritas Scholars Academy. This is an on-line homeschooling organization that allows our kids to experience classroom-style teaching with an instructor and other students. The work is hard, but it is making a solid difference in our kids’ education.

At the end of each school year, Veritas has an end-of-year gathering. Think of a mix of a graduation and class reunion all rolled into one. Although, unlike a reunion, this gathering is for students who have been in on-line classrooms together, but not met face-to-face over the year.


This year, thanks to the generosity of a dear family, Abigail got to fly to Pennsylvania to attend the Veritas end-of-year gathering. She met friends and teachers face-to-face, enjoyed fun activities, and even got to see some beautiful historic sites near Lancaster, including Valley Forge. We are so grateful to God for giving our girl this opportunity that we could have never afforded her on our own.


For Memorial day, we invited some families from the church who didn’t know each other well to come to our home to enjoy the day.  We had a great time playing games and making some new connections.  We hope to do that again for the 4th of July.



At the end of May, our family went to get some haircuts.  When it was time for Mitzi’s haircut the hairstylist had some extra help.






In June, my mom was able to fly to Las Vegas for a ten-day stay with the family. We all love it when Mama comes to spend some time with us. I know she enjoys the time with the grandkids—and I think she’s pretty fond of In-N-Out Burger too.  She spoiled us by taking us to many fun places to eat.






Also in June, we celebrated out 18th Anniversary!  We are very thankful to be able to do ministry together.  There is never a dull moment!




Travis also has a new look blog site. You should check it out at . He’s trying to be disciplined to write nearly every weekday. Perhaps some of the thoughts there will encourage you.




Providence Reformed Church

email-banner-1.pngOne thing to check out right away regarding our church is the brand new web site. We would love for you to visit to see the new design. Bookmark the page if you want to see the church calendar or have easy access to sermon audio.

Part of the regular life of Providence Reformed Church is our Sunday night Bible study we have affectionately labeled Sunday Night Live. Most Sunday evenings, people gather at our home at around 6:30 for a Bible study. We also broadcast the study live on our church’s Facebook page—

In April and May, we worked through the Christian apologetics curriculum that you can find as a Core Seminar from Capitol Hills Baptist Church. We had a great time talking about ways to defend the faith.

Over the coming weeks, our plan for Sunday Night Live is to work through a variety of Psalms. It seems like, in the breathtaking desert heat, Psalms are just refreshing to our souls.

One other fun thing our church did in April was host a gathering for David Platt’s “Secret Church.” Secret Church is an intense, six-hour Bible study. IT is designed to remind us of what it is like to have long times of worship and training like missionaries sometimes do in closed countries. We had a living room full of folks taking notes and enjoying the time.

2018-05-12 15.52.47 HDR

In early May, Mitzi and Abigail participated in the church’s annual Women’s Ministry Friendship Tea. This is an event for ladies to get together, enjoy a lovely time of fellowship, and participate in a lesson provided by one of the ladies of the church.

At the very end of May, our church hosted another new members class. Before someone joins our church, we spend a few hours together to be sure that potential members understand the gospel, the church’s doctrine and values, and our basic organizational structure. We always have a great time together, enjoy a good lunch and coffee, an, get to know one another.


Prayer Requests

I hope that you know that we cannot make it in the world of ministry without the power of God and the prayer support of dear friends and family. Please, even now, take a moment to pray that God will care for our family. While this ministry is a blessing, there are times when it can be very hard. There are days when our hearts are full and days when our hearts hurt. There are blessings and there are disappointments.

Please pray for us in the following areas, as well as in any other way you can think of:

  • Pray for the family that we will continue to make new friends and see gospel opportunities in our neighborhood.
  • Pray for God’s protection and provision for our family. We need him to watch over us in our city, keep us safe and healthy, and meet our needs. It was a step of faith to come here, and God has shown himself faithful. Please pray that he will continue to care for us and surprise us with his kindness.
  • Pray for the growth of PRC. We need to see ourselves grow in love for God and for each other. We also need to see the Lord grow our church by adding to the church body as he sees fit. Pray for us to be faithful to the Lord in the ministry, and for God to bless that faithfulness. WE deeply desire to see God continue to bring new people to our church by his own power, through his direction. Yes, we invite and reach out. But it is glorious to see how God is so clearly the one who does the work to bring people to our church.

We would love to hear from any of you. Send us a note or give us a call to let us know how things are going and how we can pray for you. Of course, Vegas is always a great place to visit, even in the summertime—It’s a dry heat.


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